The will to WIN.

Made in Japan Quality

  • Always designed in-house and manufactured domestically
  • Thorough quality control
  • Manufacturing and development policy prioritizing safety
  • Careful selection of appropriate materials
  • Each 1/1000mm surface accuracy

Technology & Innovation

  • Lamination sintered wire mesh back plate
  • A gift of ENDLESS's technical power, ceramic carbon rotors
  • Sintered Compound

Gear to Win

  • Many Winning Teams Choose ENDLESS
  • The reason most European teams choose ENDLESS
  • The significance of ENDLESS participating in motor sports with its own company's team.

Company Outline

  • - History of ENDLESS -

  • 1986

  • ENDLESS is founded. Isao Hanazato begins development of brake pads based on his own racing experience.

  • 1987

  • ENDLESS begins testing brake pads on F3000 cars.

    ENDLESS PROJECT Co., Ltd. founded with a capital of 6,000,000yen.

    Soon after its foundation, ENDLESS pads are highly praised, and ENDLESS has 70% of racing car brake pad market share within Japan.

  • 1988

  • New building completed in Yokowa, Saku City, Nagano, and ENDLESS begins mass productions of brake pads.

    Development of comprehensive brake system commences.

  • 1989

  • ENDLESS PROJECT Co., Ltd. increases its capital to 13,000,000yen.

  • 1990

  • ENDLESS ADVANCE Co., Ltd founded with a capital of 10,000,00yen.

    PROJECT is responsible for development and prodiction, while ADVANCE is responsible for sales and promotion.

    ENDLESS SPORTS Co., Ltd. founded with a capital of 7,000,000yen.

  • 1991

  • ADVANCE opens Tokyo Office in Taito-Ku, Tokyo. ENDLESS ADVANCE annual sales reach 1,000,000,000yen.

    ENDLESS SPORTS begins operations, participating in All Japan F3 Championship Series and Mirage Cup as a racing team.

  • 1992

  • PROJECT Technology Research Lab and SPORTS racing garage (certified factory) completed.

    PROJECT introduces first brake dynamometer to the Technology Research Lab, and begins sales of "Racing Super Fluid RF-650".

  • 1993

  • ADVANCE develops original suspension kit and applies for patent and registration of designs.

    PROJECT capital grows to 26,000,000yen.

    EPROJECT Technology Research Lab acquires second brake dynamometer and sintering furnace.

  • 1994

  • ADVANCE establishes ZEAL Division and releases new brand "ZEAL". ZEAL Division presents suspensions and other tuning parts.

    ENDLESS Releases CC-M brake pads, its first model of the Ceramic Carbon Metal compound series.

  • 1995

  • Overseas sales begin in China through I.M.S.P. in Hong Kong.

  • 1996

  • ENDLESS ceases all use of asbestos in brake pads.

    SPORTS capital increased to 10,000,000yen.

  • 1997

  • Third dynamometer introduced at PROJECT research lab. Brake system testing (Brake Caliper, Rotors) now possible.

  • 1998

  • ENDLESS begins sales of brake caliper system kit.

  • 2000

  • ADVANCE Tokyo sales office moves to Kameido Koto-ku Tokyo.

    Patent aquired for the height adjustment function with pillow ball collar.

  • 2002

  • Aquired patent for new suspension construction with anti-squat function.

  • 2003

  • Contracted with F1 team B.A.R. HONDA as the Official Supplier of "Racing Super Fluid RF-650"

    Contracted with SGL BRAKES GmbH to cooperate towards the development of Carbon Ceramic Brakes for passenger cars.

  • 2004

  • Introduction of new brand "Ewig" for European cars, and first brake pads go on sale.

    Released high-performance coil spring "X-COILS" and sales of suspension kit "FUNCTION-X/Xs" with X-COILS begin.

  • 2005

  • World first forged 12 PISTON Caliper released.

  • 2006

  • Aquired patent for the combination of the friction materials.

    Aquired patent for method of fixing of the friction materials and the back plate (ENDLESS "burring process").

  • 2007

  • Began production of Japan's 1st Forged Monobloc Caliper "Racing MONO6" and started to supply it to Super GT.

  • 2010

  • Released newly designed multi vane disc (72/84Vane). Released low-dust Premium Compound brake pad for European cars.

    Introduction of incredible RG Series gear oil which meets the highest of standards.

  • 2011

  • Introduced 2000kN Thermoforming Machine. Caliper kit sales surpass 10,000 sets. Release of new custom made suspension kit "FUNCTION-COM"

    Aquired patent for the suspension spring seat. (Pillow Ball Spring Seat)

  • 2012

  • Aquired patent for new "Takumi" caliper construction process.

    Anniversary marking ten years of supplying Brake Fluid to F1 teams.

    Released new brake rotor "BASIC SLIT" for circuit and stock rotor replacement.

  • 2013

  • Introduced 4900kN Powder Forming Machine. Released 1st model of 2POT forged caliper "S2".

    First "ENDLESS Circuit Meeting" held for fans at Fuji Speed Way. Caliper kit sales surpass 15,000 sets.

  • 2014

  • Classic car restoration business opens.

  • 2015

  • Began supplying brake discs to NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3 and brake calipers & discs to LEXUS RC F GT3.

    Development of laminated sintered wire mesh back plate, "Mesh Back Plate". Introduction of new sales management system.

    Introduction of new bedding machine. Developed special vane design disc. Constructed new brake caliper assembly factory.

    ENDLESS ADVANCE record annual sales of 1,730,000,000yen.

  • 2016

  • Announcment of MX72 PLUS, a further evolution of MX72.

    Began supplying Brake Rotors to BMW M6 GT3.

  • 2017

  • Introduced 5000kN thermoforming machine.

    Achieved 15 years continuous supply of "Racing Super Fluid RF-650" to F1 teams.

    Achieved record high annual sales of 1.81 billion yen.

    Introduced new and improved CCRg for experienced drivers.

    Announcement of "Racing MONO6GT" and "Racing MONO4GT" calipers and accompanying Ceramic Carbon Rotor R35GTR.

    Obtained "Noize Reduce Disc Rotor" patent.

    Acquired trademarks in Russia, Israel, and Ukraine.

  • 2018

  • Updated ENDLESS Logo unveiled.

    Aquired patent for unique rotor fin shape.

    Aquired new racing trailer and laser marker.

    Caliper kit sales surpass 20,000 sets.

    Implemented new simulation software for development and design of calipers and rotors.

    Introduction of new, high-durability material for rotors.

    ENDLESS ADVANCE Garage opens in Usuda, Saku City, Nagano.

  • 2019

  • Introduction of barrel grinding machine and NCFraise machine.